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Could Odd Behaviour at Work be an Indicator of Fraud!

BEHAVIOURAL ANOMALIES: These can range from acute defensiveness and resistance to attending review meetings, through to blaming strategies or even aggression when specific questions are asked about processes or figures. These behavioural anomalies have probably already been noticed through the assessment process or by HR staff. Research shows that internal fraudsters are most likely to be either ‘youngsters who cut across the processes and systems’ or ‘middle aged executives with the authority and a gripe’.

ACTION: Get HR more closely involved. Then if you still have concerns about such people upon closer inspection, all the relevant files need to be pulled and checked, or you might even consider a private fraud investigator to look deeper into the processes used by such high risk people who are usually found involved in the small and large scale corporate fraud.

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Mega Fraudsters Are Often NOT Held Responsible For Most of the F

The vast amount of fraud in most developed countries takes place from lots of people stealing more modest amounts from government and from large corporations. So whilst we may occasionally read about the $ multi-million losses perpetrated by individuals, this is comparatively rare.

There are many tens of thousands of people who steal $10 – $10,000 every day through false benefit applications, bogus grants, insurance claims, local authority claims, injury claims, stolen card usage and walking away from utility bills or internet orders. Oddly, the widespread deployment of IT systems to manage corporate fraud and corporate processes often makes business fraud easier, as fraudsters prefer such faceless processes to dealing with real people.

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In The Workplace, The Fraudster DOES NOT Often Stands Out From T

Where internal business fraud occurs (i.e. fraud by staff), it is most frequently perpetrated by two distinct groups of people, both equally surprising:

1. Young administrative employees mostly female, as they are usually more familiar with the systems and administrative gaps and may be motivated by an oppressive partner or a drink / drug habit;

2. The male “long service pin” highly trusted manager. Often the corner-stone of the office, who feels he has been overlooked for promotion, is overburdened with debt, work or family and could be suffering from other pressures such as a gambling, drink or drugs habit. ‘Keeping up with the neighbours’ also often plays a part. More recently though, there is increasingly a problem that some of these guys feel that they have been excluded by social media and know they that are either ‘on the shelf’ or worse sat ‘in the exit lounge’.

The psychological entitlement pressures exacerbated by being left technologically behind just become too much. When discovered, people are always shocked that ‘good-old George’ in accounts would ‘go that way’; and ‘good-old George’ is often equally surprised to have been caught.

Author is a fraud management specialist and help businesses provide fraud detection, fraud investigation, and fraud prevention services with effective fraud prevention strategies all across UK, Europe and rest of the World.

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Fraud Prevention Service: A Complete Solution for Fraud Manageme

How to prevent scams and frauds from taking place in a company, a business or non business organization. Read for all fraud prevention strategies and tips to manage such internal frauds and scams which may make a dent in the growth of your organization.

It has been observed many times that due to the lack of proper fraud prevention system in the companies or any business organizations many incidents of frauds, scams and other fraudulent activities have taken place and what is more interesting is that the employees of those very companies or institutions were found involved in such scams and frauds. And thus such companies or business houses had to bear heavy losses. Many small companies could not recover from such setbacks and losses and had to shut down their business.

Are getting losses after losses in your business or company? Or are you suspecting of any scam or fraudulent activities taking place in your company at small or large scale and you are not able to detect such fraud in your company as each employee remain loyal in front of you, or whatever. Then taking the service of fraud prevention professionals may prove to be savour for an organization.

As most of the time we as the company owners are not able to detect or investigate frauds which takes places in our institution due to some of the reasons be it lack of fraud management skills or due to lack of time because of heavy busy schedule or whatever. Here comes the role of the fraud prevention specialist as they are the professional in handling fraud detection, fraud investigation, fraud prevention and all aspects of fraud management and have years of experience in dealing with business fraud, bank fraud, such scams and frauds and providing effective and solid solution in a no of companies and other business or non business organizations like charities, NGOs, and even government organizations.


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